18: 19-21 June 2018 - SHE - ExCel

SHE: 1: Mandatory SPI - Stand Plan Inspection - flat rate

Mandatory for all 'Space Only'stand holders at the show. This covers the cost of an independent safety review of your stand build. 

This covers the cost of an independent safety review of your stand build.

'Permission To Commence Build' will only be granted once payment has been made.


Complex Stand / Suspended Load Fee
- applicable to all stand designated as 'complex' by the venue and organisers. If your stand is complex, you will have been informed by us prior to the requirement to make payment. Please note that payment must be made before the Permission To Commence Build process can continue.

Demonstrate your sustainability credentials:
 Sustainability is at the core of your business, but how far does this extend to your presence at the event? At many future events you will be required to demonstrate that you are making efforts to reduce your impact. The SPA process is a quick and simple-to-follow way to establish where you are and prove where you are going. Show your pedigree with SPA!

You have a legal requirement to produce a sufficient Risk Assessment for your attendance at the show.

We can make this process much easier for you by producing this for you - freeing up time and ensuring you comply. Click 'Details' to find out more...

Risk Assessments, you must produce a site-specific Method Statement for your attendance at the show. However, why spend valuable time on paperwork when the professionals can produce it for you? Click 'Details' to learn more...